Our Story

The World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality is being held every year with great success since 2010. So far 11 confluences were held, 6th-10th January, 2010, 2nd-4th January, 2011, 22nd-23rd December, 2012, 2nd-4th January, 2012, 28th- 29th December, 2013, 27th-28th December, 2014, in Kolkata, 22nd-23rd December, 2015, in New Delhi, 7th May, 2016, in Mumbai, 16th-17th December, 2016, in New Delhi ,22nd-23rd December, 2017 and 21st-22nd December, 2018 in Kolkata.

This programme is the first of its kind in the world with a conglomeration of important issues on humanity, power (inner & outer) and spirituality. Several distinguished luminaries whose hearts echo the humanity from different communities and religions across the world, shared their views that every religion propagates service to humanity, and that moral and social principles have its own paths leading to one cosmic reality. Various religions are like flowers of different colors to be tied with a cord of love into a beautiful bouquet to be offered at the altar of truth. Diversity with unity is inherent in nature.

This is a spectacular confluence where all streams of thought converge irrespective of religious persuasion, inclusive of all disciplines whether belonging to science or humanities, sacred or secular, social or cultural, political or economic, where distinguished luminaries share their thoughts and life’s experiences, highlighting unity in diversity and diversity in unity. It remains the task of this conference to bring home the values of enlightenment in practice as life’s journey within one’s own self, and through love and service to the society at large.

Swami Vivekananda observed that the world needs spirituality to establish fearlessness in the new generation, self-discipline, hard work and selfless service to the nation. He asserted, “Manifest divinity within you”, and added, “Mark, if you give up spirituality, the result will be that in three generations you will be extinct.”

The former President of India, the late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who inaugurated the 4th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality rightly quoted at the confluence, “Spirituality can eradicate corruption not legislation.”

The World Confluence accords a special place to women who are a source of inspiration, love and selfless services. He said that women have great abilities and a great role to play in the world’s advancement, which also finds voice in the UN Millennium Goals to which we are committed. They are the architects of the future generation. The world will be happy if they are happy.

Children and youth are the future of the country and their consciousness has to be transformed through spiritual alchemy to gain inner power so as to cope with life’s challenges with faith in self and the creator, and to serve humanity. The positive energy has to be aroused to maintain life’s balance by having faith in self, creator and service.

To inspire the youth, the confluence program included on the margin interschool debate, sit-and-draw and essay writing competitions related to service to humanity amongst different age groups followed by prize distribution.

On Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birth Anniversary the confluence started
Conferring the Swami Vivekananda SREI Samman Awards for Outstanding Service in the field of:
(i) Education
(ii) Work for the Deprived and the Disadvantaged
(iii) Contribution for Health
(iv) Development and Research
(v) Literary Excellence
(vi) Crusader for Humanity
(vii) Crusader for Women.
To recognize the best practice and to motivate organizations we also gave the “Sach Bharat Samman” to three organizations. These were selected through a panel of eminent jury members and Ernst & Young was the process partner for this Award.

The topics of our previous confluences are as follow:-
1. Humanity, Power & Spirituality
2. Service to Humanity
3. Service to Humanity and Nature
4. Essentialism of Spirituality to blossom life and the nation
5. Reflection of your inner self through Spirituality, Humanity and Power
6. Essentialism of Spirituality for Humanity
7. Spirituality fosters Humanity
8. Spirituality – A panacea for happiness & values
9. Spirituality – A panacea for the Growth of the Nation
10. Spirituality in Business & Nation’s governance
11. Spirituality @ Work
12. Spirituality unfolds Humanity
13. Spirituality and Nature- Climate Change
14. Spirituality in an exponential world
15. India’s Strength is its Spirituality
16. Spirituality- A panacea for governance and for the growth of the world
17. Spirituality & Humanity
18. Spirituality for Peace and Harmony
19. Spiritual Innovation & Humanity
20. Spirituality & Management
21. Spirituality & Youth
22. Spirituality – A Panacea for Growth of the Nation and the World
23. Spirituality for Business

The Confluence is not religion oriented. Emphatically/Empathically it is for humanity, peace, harmony and happiness. It is to ignite our consciousness, sub consciousness, and super consciousness to the divinity within us. “Jeev Seva is Shiva Seva” (Service to humanity is service to the Lord) Paramhansa Ramakrishna said to Swami Vivekananda, “Narendra, serve humanity with faith in the creator.”

Conferring the Swami Vivekananda SREI Samman Awards for Outstanding Service in the field of:

  • Education
  • Work for the Deprived and the Disadvantaged
  • Contribution for Health
  • Development and Research
  • Literary Excellence
  • Crusader for Humanity
  • Crusader for Women

To recognize the best practice and to motivate organizations we also gave the “Sach Bharat Samman” to three organizations. These were selected through a panel of eminent jury members and Ernst & Young was the process partner for this Award.


Our Mission

To live and let live in peace, harmony, love – following the path of righteousness protecting Mother Earth.
Having faith in own religion while respecting other religions.
Awakening the inner power & ignite human power.


Our Vision

A world with happiness, peace, harmony, austerity, simplicity, prosperity & good health for all.
Trinity of Power (money, authority, muscles) to be imbibed with Humanity & Spirituality.
Economic growth in synchronisation with human facet.
Awakening woman power – reflecting God’s love.

Significance Of Our Logo

The ‘logo’ signifies folding of hands in prayer and salutation to the almighty God in order to awaken the infinite in their manifested souls.
The various religious symbols denote that the ultimate goal for humanity is to invoke the inner infinite power within us.
This realization arises when humans go through different adventures in life.
The logo, through its different representations, serves humanity by making them aware that the final aim for all human beings is the path to enlightenment.

Universal Prayer

” Spirituality Manifests Divinity Within Us, It Ignites Us
To Work With Devotion And Righteousness To Serve Humanity .”

– Dr. H. P. Kanoria
( Chairman Srei Foundation )

O God! Thou art our Father, Mother, Friend,
We, thy children, love thee and our parents.
Thou art in our hearts and minds, And make us fearless.

Thou art in Temple, Church, Mosque, everywhere
Thou art in Vedas, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth, all scriptures
O God! Thou infinite reflection is in all living beings,
Love reflects as love.

Thou art alone the truth.
In motherly way thou forbear us,
Life is a joyous journey
Love and service that matter, all worship to Thee.

Joy, sorrow, censure, fame,
We bear all equally with thy blessed strength
What we sow, we must reap,
No one but us to blame.

We have eternal faith in the self in all,
O God! Grant us a mutual intimacy with Thee,
Bless us with love, wisdom, intellect, virtues,
Lead us through paths of trouble to perfection.

Thou art our Master, Thou art our soul’s real friend,
Guide us in our daily activities and lead us,
Fearless, we are marching ahead to make Bharat-World
O God! never turn away from us, Thy children.

We surrender our will at the altar of Thy will
We love Thee, Thou love us
Thou love our complete surrender
We aspire for work, knowledge and devotion

Work, work, for the world.
Love, love, love and bring
Peace, peace and peace
Om, Amen, Amin, Ek Onkar, Ahura Mazda
God, God, God.

Message from Chairman & Visionaries

We are the children of God; we are all equal in His eyes. We are the infinite, perfect, immortal children. We have oceanic power and wisdom. The infinite library of the Universe is our own mind. I am a spirit living in a body.

Spirituality balances the trinity of power, money and authority.
Spirituality awakens inner power. It connects God in our heart and mind. Spirituality serves the purpose of supporting the moral and social principles which have made men civilized. It strengthens you for the joyous adventure called life.
Your spiritual manifestations will always glorify whatever you do.

Dr. H.P. Kanoria

Shri Hemant Kanoria
Vice Chairman

Shri Sunil Kanoria
Vice Chairman

Dr. Rahul Varma

Vision & Mission


  • A world free of struggle and poverty, filled with happiness, peace, prosperity and good health.
  • A vibrant world with empowered and ignited minds.
  • A nation with growth and development imbibing humanity and spirituality in all facets of everyday life.


  • To serve society and humanity with a view to bring about attitudinal change by following a path of righteousness in fostering peace, harmony and brotherhood to build a sustainable society.
  • To live and let live in a united world encompassing and respecting all other religions and human values while embracing economic growth for the development of the Nation.


SREI Foundation is a Public Charitable Trust, founded in the year 2001. The Trust has been registered under section 12 (A) of the Income Tax Act and also obtained certificate exemption under section 80 (G) under Income Tax Act 1961.

Role of SREI Foundation

Role of SREI Foundation

  • Planning and organizing programmes and projects for greening Mother Earth
  • Providing education that prepares students for leadership and social responsibilities.
  • Planning, organizing and implementing programmes for water management, conservation, recycling of waste and water harvesting.
  • Conducting sponsored and non-sponsored programmes with support of Ministries, Departments and International bodies.
  • Providing consultancy services on horticulture and global environmental educational programmes in school and colleges and rendering their benefits and advantages to members of the public, institutions and organizations.
  • Initiating programmes on organic farming of fruits and vegetables for a cleaner, and greener environment.
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, debates, quizzes, exhibitions etc. for generating awareness on environmental issues amongst youth.
  • Initiating family welfare programmes with emphasis on domestic violence, socially deprived and differently abled people.
  • Identifying fresh new talent and promoting and encouraging their potential for better quality of life.
  • Initiating schemes for participation of women in programmes to develop their leadership and entrepreneur skills.
  • The SREI Samman Award for outstanding service in the field of education, work for the (deprived and economically handicapped persons) contribution to health, development and research & literary excellence.


SREI Foundation is engaged in multifarious activities with a dynamic approach towards creating value, and developing building blocks for the nation.

      The three major areas of activities are :-

  • Education Promotion
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Social & Economic Welfare.
Education Promotion

Education Promotion

SREI Foundation has been working in the field of education with a spur to nurture talent & opportunity among the youth of our nation. In view of the steep upswing in global demand for accountants, the Foundation has collaborated with Chisholm Institute of TAFE, Victoria, Australia, for conferring Postgraduate diploma in Accounting and Financial Control.

•The foundation has been extending support to deserving students for preliminary as well as higher education, by paying their school fees, lodging charges, transportation, stationary etc.
•The curriculum offers excellent opportunity to its students for a lucrative career in India and an option to proceed to Australia for further studies and employment abroad.
•Sponsoring 81 meritorious and financially weak students of the society mainly related to staff / employees.
•Provided financial assistance to 41 students through various educational institutes.
•The Foundation has obtained affiliation from Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar in order to impart specialized and job oriented professional courses such as MBA, BBA & BCA.
•Promoting Sanskrit language in India & abroad in association with the St. James School, UK.
•Conferring the SREI Samman Award for outstanding service in the field of Education, Research & Literary Excellence.
Health Care & Treatment

Health Care & Treatment

  • With a bent towards philanthropy and an urge to expiate the underprivileged, SREI Foundation has provided financial assistance to several individuals in need fortreatment of critical diseases and for creating awareness in the field of general healthcare.
  • Conferring the SREI Samman Award for outstanding service in the field Health care & treatment.
Socio Economic Welfare

Socio Economic Welfare

SREI Foundation endeavours to alleviate the troubles of the marginalized people of our society. It has provided financial support for marriages and other social obligations for those in need. Besides, it has promoted cultural, social & environmental awareness through various programmes and seminars and distribution of books.

• Training of local people for Skill Development.
• Development of green belts in Infrastructure Development.
• Participation in Plantation Programmes with the Govt. and

   Local Communities.

• Running of Primary Health Care Units.

• Contribution to the Development of Individuals and Local

   Educational Institutions.

• Contribution to the NGO’s to achieve their missions.

• Support good governance.

• Conferring the SREI Samman Award for outstanding service in the field of Social Development.
Aims & Objectives

Aims & Objectives

  • Care for the poor (Clothing, Food, Financial Assistance, Loans etc.)
  • Medical Assistance & Support
  • Education
  • To establish, support and maintain libraries and reading rooms
  • Clean environment– islands, parks, planting trees and the creation of awareness
  • Impart education and knowledge for agriculture, horticulture and floriculture
  • Elevation programmes for rural and slum areas
  • Programmes for entrepreneurship and traineeship
  • Undertake projects and programmes for safe drinking water
  • Healthy sanitation and development of better living conditions
  • Providing Solar Energy in rural areas
  • To acquire, construct and maintain facilities for public welfare
  • Provide all around mental and spiritual health by organizing camps, seminars, exhibitions etc.
  • To build, maintain, renovate old age homes.
  • To grant aid, assist, and renovate heritage treasures including land and building
  • To build and maintain hospitals, medical centres, research centres, health centres, dispensaries etc.